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May 01

Update! K3MOSAB3 LDD and Programs now Available!

Hey everyone! I’m pleased to announce that the building instructions (LDD) and programs (.ev3) for my popular sumo robot sumo robot, K3MOSAB3 are now available for download on my website. Check it out here: http://builderdude35.com/downloads-2/ My Patreon supporter(s) for more than $5 for the month of March were: Venkateshalu, Albert Bricker and Turnabout Akamia. Thank …

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Feb 16

Timmyton 5.0 (2013)

Hello! I’m back with my latest robot! The Timmyton 5.0 is my entry into the Out of the Box challenge. It’s made from one EV3 set and building instructions and programs are included! (If you’re not familiar with the Timmyton series, they’re robotic sharks that do tasks for you. This one’s more pet-like than the …

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