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Sep 14

FLL Robot Wheels – Evaluating the Compatibility of New Wheels with Sirius

Sirius is a very popular FLL robot design that many beginners choose to start off with. It has a lot of great features and qualities that make it unique and a great starting point for an FLL. However, one flaw in Sirius’ design is that its tall motorcycle wheels are just a tad too short, …

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Sep 07

The Best Wheels for Your FLL Robot – Two New Tests You Can Try

Wheel choice is a crucial part of an FLL robot design. This week, I’m re-opening the discussion and introducing two new tests you can try that will help you determine the relative traction of different types of wheels, and ultimately allow you to decide what kind of wheels you should use with your FLL robot. …

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Oct 29

How Far Does an EV3 Robot Drive in One Rotation?

This EV3 tutorial is going to teach you how to mathematically calculate how far your robot will drive in one motor rotation, or x number of degrees. This is very helpful for FLL robots. My Patreon supporter(s) for more than $5 for the month of September were: Turnabout Akamia. Thank you so much! My supporters …

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Oct 15

A Quick Tip for Countering Slop Distance

As discussed in a previous video, Slop Distance is a measure of the inconsistency that using a certain size wheel can bring onto an EV3 robot. The taller the wheel, the greater the slop distance. This video will offer advice on how you can use your EV3 sensors to minimize the negative effects of slop …

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Sep 24

How to Calculate the Sloppiness of a Wheel on an EV3 Motor

This video will teach you the mathematical process for calculating the sloppiness, or “slop distance” of a given wheel when placed on an EV3 motor. Slop distance if an important metric to mind because it is different depending on your wheel choice. The higher your slop distance is, the less accurate your robot’s motion will …

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Sep 10

The Best Wheels for an FLL or WRO Robot (Part 2)

What are the best wheels for an FLL or WRO robot? This video will offer more information in addition to the previous installment, which will help you make this decision. Based on the information in this video, you will be able to choose the best wheels to suit your specific robot. My Patreon supporter(s) for …

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Mar 21

EV3 Robot Design: Choosing the Right Wheels for an FLL Robot

For more tutorial videos, please see my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuXq-jiU0ANeBcF_Tvq1D7g

Feb 16

Terminal Velocity (2013)

Hello! I present my latest robot, the NXT Terminal Velocity. It’s my fastest RC car yet, with an extremely innovative drivetrain that rockets it to insane speeds! See a video of Terminal Velocity here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq4SpTq36TY Hybrid Drivetrain This is the most exciting part of the Terminal Velocity prototype, because it debuts my first ever hybrid …

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