Why I Have So Many EV3 Programming Blocks – Will they Improve your FLL Robot?

Whenever I publish an EV3 programming tutorial, some observant viewers notice that my EV3 programming software has many additional sensor blocks, aside from the standard EV3 gyro sensor, color sensor, touch sensor, ultrasonic sensor, infrared sensor, etc.

So then, the questions I get asked often are, what version of the EV3 programming environment are you using, and will downloading these sensor blocks and using them with my FLL robot give me an edge in an FLL competition?

This week I’m releasing an EV3 programming tutorial that answers those frequent, yet important questions: where do I get the EV3 programming blocks from, why do I have them, what version of the EV3 programming software am I using and whether these additional sensor blocks will help you build a better FLL robot and give you an advantage in the FLL competition.

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