Timmyton 5.0 (2013)

Timmyton 5.0

Hello! I’m back with my latest robot! The Timmyton 5.0 is my entry into the Out of the Box challenge. It’s made from one EV3 set and building instructions and programs are included! (If you’re not familiar with the Timmyton series, they’re robotic sharks that do tasks for you. This one’s more pet-like than the last four generations.)

See a video of the Timmyton 5.0 in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQIbyfTghD4

Mechanical Aspects


Unlike its predecessors, the Timmyton 5.0 is more pet-like and more program biased than mechanical. But, it does have a few neat mechanical features. Each front wheel is connected directly to its own Large Servo Motor (ports A, B); these provide the driving motions and are controlled like a tank. An omnidirectional caster wheel in the back gives the Timmyton 5.0 optimal range of motion. The Medium Motor (port D) is wedged between the two drive motors and animates the jaw through a gear system, then opens and closes it with a crankshaft. An auxiliary shaft transmits the power to the back of the robot to also move the caudal fin (tail) back and forth. The Timmyton 5.0 has a total of eight gears, but no synchromesh! Also, you can easily remove the EV3 brick by pulling out four pins.

Program 1: Timmyton RC

This is a simple RC program. The Infrared Sensor should be in port 4, with the controller in channel 1. The red controller buttons control the left wheel, while the blues control the right wheel. This gives it an effect like tank controls. The top button puts the Timmyton 5.0 in “Hungry Mode,” where his jaw and tail start moving, his EV3 buttons glow red and he moves faster.

Program 2: Timmyton Meal Time

This is the part where the Timmyton 5.0 gets “pet-like,” in the sense that you can feed him. The color sensor in his mouth reacts to the different color objects you put in his mouth. Whenever he senses a color, he sniffs it to determine whether or not to eat it. If it’s green or blue, he’ll say “thank you” or “okeydokey” and chew on it with his jaws. If it’s yellow or white, he’ll say “no!” or “eew!” and drive away. If he tastes red, he’ll think it’s blood, and like any shark, he’ll charge at you hungrily.

Timmyton 3: Timmyton Funky

This is the simplest program to create and/or explain. Basically, he plays Blip 3 over and over on a loop so it sounds like a groovy song. The LED lights behind the buttons flash different colors. Lastly, the Timmyton wags his tail, runs his mouth and “dances” back and forth.

Timmyton 4: Timmyton Jaws

This is my favorite program. It is a simple seeking program, based off of NeXTSTORM’s program. It makes the Timmyton 5.0 track down the IR Beacon in an attempt to eat it. All the while, The Timmyton wags his tail and snaps his jaws violently, and plays the famous “Jaws” song.



This is my favorite of the Timmytons so far because it is more lovable and doesn’t need you to operate anything manually, like pneumatics or synchromesh. It was super fun building and programming the Timmyton 5.0, but enough said about my experience! Tell me what you think! Enjoy!!!!! See you next time!

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