Timmyton 4.0 (2013)


Hello! Meet my latest project, the Timmyton 4.0! Some of you may be familiar with the name, as this is the fourth generation Timmyton. (I also have generation 3 posted; go check it out!) This Timmyton is better than its predecessor because it is simpler, more efficient, easier to use and looks better.

See the video of the Timmyton 4.0 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugpdTZJl5js

Similarities and Differences: 3.5 vs 4.0:

There are many similarities and differences between the two Timmytons. They both use the same exact chassis and tail construction. They also use most of the same sensors; the 4.0 has an Utrasonic sensor instead of a Color sensor. They both have an RC function. They both get you a latte if you put them in their respective Latte modes, but how they get it to you is different. The 3.5 utilizes its many functions through a four-speed synchromesh transmission; The 4.0 has direct dive to the wheels and a Power Functions motor that routes its power through a two-speed synchro system. The last significant difference is the Timmyton 3.5’s absence of a pneumatic air tank. You can tell if a Timmyton is a 4.0 by its copious usage of the color red. (The Timmyton 3.5 has orange accents.)

Motorized Functions:


The Timmyton 4.0 has four motorized functions and three motors to do it with. The two servo motors, mounted under the NXT spin the tall wheels via direct drive. (NO gears! No slippage! Yay!) The third motor is a Power Functions Medium Motor hidden deep within the robot. It routes its power through a two-speed synchro system. Slide the synchro forward to power the latte dispenser. Flip it back to spin the pneumatic compressor.

Pneumatic System:


The compressor is mounted in the back portion of the Timmyton (upside-down, by the way), but it is deep inside, so you can hardly see it in a stationary picture. It spins at about 380 RPM, and pumps the air through an air tank and into two valves. Here, you can control to move the jaw or tail up or down.



Who’s ready for my favorite part? The Latte Dispenser System is powered by the Power Functions motor when you slide the synchro forward. It can then move the rack in the rack-and-pinion system side-to-side. In the left position, the latte cup folds up against the right side of the Timmyton’s head. In the right position, the latte cup drops down, easily accessible for anyone who wants a sip. I made an autonomous program for the Latte Dispenser. First, a Power Randomizer makes the Timmyton meander around looking for a customer. When it spots an object with its Ultrasonic sensor, it stops (or turns in a circle, don’t really know why). Then, it folds out the cup and says “Would you like a latte?” It waits 2.5 seconds before saying “Very well, then,” folding the cup back in and driving away to repeat the process.


I hope you enjoyed the Timmyton 4.0 as much as I did! Every time I look back on the Timmyton 3.5, I think of how much better the 4.0 is and how much I have learned since last time. And, as always, thanks for reading!

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