Virtual Robotics Toolkit

The Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) is a software from Cogmation Robotics. It is a complete virtual simulator of a live MINDSTORMS robot, complete with accurate physics that allow the robot in virtual world to behave exactly like a physical one in real life! You can design your own robot using LEGO Digital Designer (LDD), import it into the software and then control it within the software. You can program the virtual robot using the same LEGO Mindstorms programming environments (EV3-G, NXT-G) to make your new virtual robot come to life. Finally, the VRT offers a plethora of challenges (line following, cleanup, robot sumo) that allow you to hone your virtual robotics skills. They even include accurate models of the FLL and WRO competition boards!

The software is great because it eliminates the need for a physical robot; every step of the robot prototyping process can be done within the software. This makes it an attractive option for someone who does not have the means to purchase a physical robot; the software costs significantly less than a physical EV3, and you never have to worry about running out of parts. It is also a great option for classrooms; now, every student can build their own virtual robot and experiment for themselves! All said, the VRT is a very cost-effective solution, especially compared to the cost of a physical robot.

Don’t know how to use the VRT? No problem! Starting January 2017, I will have a series of video tutorials on my website and on my YouTube channel that will explain every step of the prototyping process within the VRT, starting with designing a robot in LDD, importing it into the VRT software, programming your virtual robot and explaining all of the features of the VRT. I will even have some videos that will compare aspects of the virtual and physical robots. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to understand the software, as I will document every step of the way.

If you just want to give it a shot, you can download the free trial, which is good for 15 days.

What are you waiting for? If you are interested in purchasing a VRT software licence, you can click here to check out their page, and you’ll even get a 10% discount from my website!


Thank you for your time and I wish you happy building!