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Jul 24

VRT Update 2017 – Awesome New Features!

The 2017 version of the VRT is now out, and it includes some great new features, including the 2016 FLL mat and 2017 WRO challenges! The Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) is a robotics simulation software made by Cogmation robotics, and allows you to prototype an EV3/NXT creation without the need for a physical robot, offering …

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Dec 01

WRO – The Competition Explained

Have you ever considered competing in WRO (World Robotic Olympiad)? It’s a group of robotics competitions for kids from Elementary to University levels. This week’s tutorial will teach you all about WRO: from scheduling, the competition types, alternative ways to qualify, etc. FLL Schedule: http://www.first-lego-league.org/en/2016.html WRO Schedule: http://www.wro-usa.org/register My Patreon supporter(s) for more than $5 …

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Oct 08

How to Tackle the Surprise Missions in WRO Regular Category

Surprise missions are very important for anyone who is competing in the WRO regular category. Often, it can mean the difference between success and failure. This video will offer 5 tips that will help you when you are faced with these surprise missions on the day of the competition. My Patreon supporter(s) for more than …

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Sep 24

How to Calculate the Sloppiness of a Wheel on an EV3 Motor

This video will teach you the mathematical process for calculating the sloppiness, or “slop distance” of a given wheel when placed on an EV3 motor. Slop distance if an important metric to mind because it is different depending on your wheel choice. The higher your slop distance is, the less accurate your robot’s motion will …

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Sep 17

Make a Claw and Lift Mechanism for your EV3 Robot

This EV3 tutorial will help you make a claw and a lifting mechanism for your EV3 robot. This will be helpful for building WRO or FLL robots. Included in this video is a step-by-step build of the worm gear claw and some tips for building a conveyor-style lift mechanism, as seen on my WRO robot, …

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Sep 10

The Best Wheels for an FLL or WRO Robot (Part 2)

What are the best wheels for an FLL or WRO robot? This video will offer more information in addition to the previous installment, which will help you make this decision. Based on the information in this video, you will be able to choose the best wheels to suit your specific robot. My Patreon supporter(s) for …

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Sep 05

When is Copying Robot Designs for Competition Bad?

Today’s video is going to cover a very important topic, and that is when is it okay to use a copied robot design in a competition? This is an important topic, as failure to be wary of this can lead to disqualification. It is fine to use my tutorials for advice, it is okay to …

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Aug 20

Good Luck to all WRO 2015 Participants!!! :D

I would like to personally wish all WRO participants the best of luck for when you go on to compete!  🙂      

Aug 20

6 Tips for Building your WRO Robot at the Competition – WRO Tutorial

This WRO tutorial will offer 6 tips and hints that will help you when you go to reconstruct your WRO robot on the day of the competition. It would not be fun to have built a robot that can score 100 points, only to have it fail because it was reconstructed wrong! Some of these …

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Aug 13

Everything you Need to Know about the HiTechnic IR Seeker V2 for WRO Soccer

This WRO Soccer tutorial will tell you everything you need to know to get you started with the HT IR Seeker V2 for building an EV3 WRO Soccer robot. I will go over how it works, how to use it and how to program it and I will even teach you how to make a …

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