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Sep 21

PID Line Follower for EV3 (Part 2) – K Values and How to Improve Performance

The PID line follower is the ultimate EV3 line following program. It is mathematically complex, but it can compensate for a lot of errors and keep your robot right on track. It is a popular line follower to use in FLL or WRO. Previously, I taught you how to program a PID line follower. Today, …

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Aug 10

Proportional Line Follower for EV3 – Follow the Line Smoothly!

The proportional line follower is an essential staple in EV3 programming. It is the fundamental line following program to master for competitions such as FLL or WRO. A proportional line follower uses a single EV3 color sensor to watch the line and uses proportional logic to adjust the EV3 robot’s trajectory so that the robot …

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Sep 08

Gyro Following – More Accurately Control your FLL Robot

The EV3 Gyro is an extremely useful sensor if you are building an FLL robot. Today, I will teach you how to make a program called “Gyro Following,” in which you can use the EV3 gyro to set the desired speed and angle you want your FLL robot to travel in, and the program will …

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Aug 11

How to Import EV3 Programs (.ev3s) into an EV3 Project

Today’s video will teach you how to take individual EV3 programs (.ev3s files) and import them into the EV3 programming environment to be used in an EV3 project. My Patreon supporter(s) for more than $5 for the month of July were: Venkateshalu, Albert Bricker and Turnabout Akamia. Thank you so much! My supporters on Patreon …

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