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Aug 08

How to Program a Proportional Line Follower in NXT-G

This week’s NXT tutorial will teach you how to write a proportional line following program for your FLL robot. This will be very useful because it will increase the consistency and accuracy of your FLL programs. My Patreon supporter(s) for more than $5 for the month of July were: Venkateshalu, Albert Bricker and Turnabout Akamia. …

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Jan 14

The Effect of Distance Between Color Sensor and Drive Wheel on FLL Line Following

How is an FLL robot’s line following affected by the placement of the color sensors relative to the drive wheels? This video investigates this problem by first providing two opposing theories that could explain the outcome, then presents an experiment that you can conduct to discover the answer yourself! My Patreon supporter(s) for more than …

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Jun 27

Sirius, an FLL Robot – EV3 Creations

Sirius is an FLL robot made with LEGO Mindstorms EV3. It is jam-packed with awesome features, such as line following, line squaring, dog gears and more! Thanks to dluders for creating the renderings in this video! The songs used in this video are “Heartbreaker” by Jahzzar and “Evil Bear Boris” by Fight Club.     …

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May 21

Make an Effective Line Following Program in Under 2 Minutes: EV3 Line Following Program

In this EV3 programming tutorial, I will be walking you step-by-step on how to make an effective line following program for your EV3/ FLL robot, using two color sensors attached to the front. I will also be teaching you how to modify the line following program to optimize it for straight lines, a turn, or …

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