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Aug 14

Builderdude35 is now on Instagram!

Hello everyone! Is one tutorial every Thursday not enough robotics content for you? I am pleased to announce that you can now follow me and my YouTube channel on Instagram! Here, you can see progress pictures of my current projects, stay on top of new video releases and see what I’m up to in between …

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Aug 02

I’m Back – Weekly Tutorials Resume Tomorrow!!!

Hey everyone! Builderdude35 is officially back with some new EV3 robotics tutorials starting this week! In celebration of 2017 FLL Hydro Dynamics, which will be announced later this month, most of my tutorials will focus on FLL robot designs, FLL robot programming, etc. Stay tuned for videos on proportional line following programs, PID line followers, …

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Jul 20

I’m Featured in an Expert Roundup!

As part of an Expert Roundup, me and 29 other Makers were asked the question: How do Makers contribute to the Industry? The post was published on You can read all of the insightful responses to the question, including my own, on the original post here. Thanks! -Kyle

Jul 13

Announcing my Decision on the New Channel Name!!!

I’ve been contemplating renaming my channel, and now I’ve made a decision. Watch to find out more! My Patreon supporter(s) for more than $5 for the month of June were: Stephen Rozmiarek and Turnabout Akamia. Thank you so much! My supporters on Patreon contribute additional funding that allow me to build up and improve this …

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Jul 06

Possible Channel Rebrand? – I’m returning soon!

I’m going to be returning to my normal routine of publishing a new MINDSTORMS tutorial every Thursday starting in August. However, I am considering changing the name of my channel because I feel that “Builderdude35” is too immature. Do you have any thoughts? I’d like to hear them! My Patreon supporter(s) for more than $5 …

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Oct 27

Is the Branching Error Fixed? – Testing EV3 Software V1.2.2

This week, I will be testing EV3-G code samples to demonstrate how the latest EV3 software update (V1.2.2) has resolved the branching error discussed last week (A.K.A. VM Instruction Break Error). I will be doing a side by side comparison of the same code compiled in both the old (V1.2.1) and new (V1.2.2) versions of …

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Oct 08

The Grunt at 2016 World Maker Faire NYC

The Grunt, an interactive, bipedal EV3 humanoid, made an appearance at the 2016 World Maker Faire in Corona, Queens on October 1st and 2nd. All who stopped by were able to have a meet-and-greet with the EV3 Grunt and try out all of his fun features, like handshakes and “Hungry mode,” where he reacts to …

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Sep 06

PiStorms Update – Blocky Interface

Version 4.007 of the PiStorms software is now out! With it comes a Blocky interface, which allows you to program your PiStorms using a graphical programming language called “Blocky.” This is great for those who are new to programming, or find the text-based Python language intimidating/hard to understand. Those who have used Scratch in the …

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Aug 20

Timmyton 5.7 – EV3 Shark Returns with Updates!

The latest version of the ever-evolving Timmyton has arrived! This video covers the various software updates that distinguish T5.7 from T5.6. Song 1 is “Chunk of Lawn” by Jahzzar. Song 2 is “Valse Finale et Apotheose,” composed by P. Tchaikovsky and performed by the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra of New York. My Patreon supporter(s) for more …

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Jul 26

An Introduction to Robot Operating System: The Ultimate Robot Application Framework

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you guys yet another excellent article from the Toptal blog. Once again, this is a really neat article that describes how advanced robots work. While reading, consider to yourself, how much of this can we integrate into our EV3 programming? Read the article, “An Introduction to Robot …

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