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Aug 06

Ventus – A Pneumatic Walking Robot

Ventus is a pneumatic walking robot. At the heart of it is a Raspberry Pi and a Dexter Industries BrickPi. Its walking is actuated by LEGO Mindsrtorms motors and is remote controlled via WiFi. BrickPi is a Raspberry Pi HAT that interfaces with the Raspberry Pi and allows it to control LEGO Mindstorms motors and …

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Aug 22

Krimzon Guard Security Tank – EV3 Creations

The Krimzon Guard Security Tank is an EV3 robot and the final word in fortress/home security. It features proportional IR beacon tracking, and a deadly-accurate turret targeting system. If that’s not enough, it also has a massive spiked steamroller on the front! Watch it pulverize intruders with ease!!! The song used in this video is …

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Jul 25

The Making of “Spica,” Builderdude35’s WRO Robot

“Spica” is the WRO robot that you see in all of my WRO tutorials. Today, I want to show you the cool features of Spica and talk a little about how I built it. This robot is fully functional and more or less competition-ready. My Patreon supporter(s) for more than $5 for the month of …

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Jun 27

Sirius, an FLL Robot – EV3 Creations

Sirius is an FLL robot made with LEGO Mindstorms EV3. It is jam-packed with awesome features, such as line following, line squaring, dog gears and more! Thanks to dluders for creating the renderings in this video! The songs used in this video are “Heartbreaker” by Jahzzar and “Evil Bear Boris” by Fight Club.     …

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Feb 16

Autocompressor (2013)

See a video of the Autocompressor here: Hello! I present to you the Autocompressor! This is actually technology I developed while building my current project, which is soon to be released. This was such an amazing breakthrough for me, I just had to share it with you!!! It is a pneumatic compressor that can …

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