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Hello! I am Builderdude35! You may know me from the MINDSTORMS Community page, my YouTube channel, or anywhere else on the vast expanse that is the InterWeb. I have a passion for building MINDSTORMS robots. I started with an NXT back in 2011. Now, I build with both EV3 and NXT! I want to share my robotic creations with the world and inspire others. I personally think It’s amazing that people from all across the world can communicate and share ideas through the “language” of technology and MINDSTORMS.

Here are some accomplishments of mine I’d like to share with you:

  • April 2013: My FLL team won our regional championship and was invited to compete in the FLL World Festival in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • August 2013: The Timmyton 4.0 is featured on the NXT Step: http://www.thenxtstep.com/2013/08/the-kid-with-timmyton-35.html
  • September 2013: I build the Timmyton 5.0. It is one of four winners of the MINDSTORMS Community’s Out-of-the-Box building challenge.
  • December 2013: The Timmyton 5.0 is featured on the NXT Step: http://www.thenxtstep.com/2013/12/check-it-out-timmyton-50-built-with-one.html
  • July 2014: MicroBass is runner-up in the MINDSTORMS Community’s “MicroBot” building challenge.
  • August 2014: NXT Grunt is one of four winners on the MINDSTORMS Community’s “Action Figure” building challenge.
  • September 2014: I am invited by LEGO MINDSTORMS to present my robot, the Timmyton 5.5, at the the 2014 Maker Faire in New York City. (It is also Runner-up in the MINDSTORMS Community’s “Year of the Maker” building challenge.) http://www.thenxtstep.com/2014/10/super-cool-shark-robot-make-with-one.html
  • NXT Grunt, Timmyton 5.5 and Sirius have all been featured on the front page of the MINDSTORMS Community website.
  • July 2015: Winner of the LEGO Prototyping contest (“Are You a LEGO Maker”).
  • August 2015: My YouTube channel reaches 1,000 subscribers!!!
  • September 2015: I’m yet again invited to represent LEGO MINDSTORMS at World Maker Faire NYC 2015. Here, I present EV3 Grunt.
  • October 2015: My YouTube channel reaches 2,000 subscribers!!!
  • December 2015: The Krimzon Guard Security Tank is featured on the Robotmatter website: http://robomatter.com/cool-project-ev3-tank/
  • January 2016: I am named a “Dexpert” by Dexter Industries.
  • April 2016:  My YouTube channel reaches 4,000 subscribers!!!
  • As of April 30, 2016, the LDD for the Plethora II Chassis has been downloaded 5,995 times! The LDD for Sirius has been downloaded 2,739 times, and the Timmyton’s LDD has been downloaded 548 times.
  • June 2016: I give a presentation at the LEGO Learning Symposium at Tufts University (June 6-7). about my MINDSTORMS tutorials in front of educators from across the world: https://youtu.be/zXnfgYWvzeI
  • August 2016: My Polylander robot, now equipped with image recognition technology, is featured on the Mindsensors website. My tutorial on image recognition is also featured there, too! (http://www.mindsensors.com/blog/pistorms/image-recognition-robot-with-pistorms-and-pi-camera)
  • Grunt, which was on display at World Maker Fair NYC in 2015, is featured on the official LEGO YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/XgeM7hQW6Ro
  • My YouTube channel reaches 5,000 subscribers on the last day of August!
  • December 2016: My YouTube channel reaches 7,000 subscribers!
  • March 2017: My channel reaches 8,000 subscribers and has over 1.1 million total views!
  • April 2017: “How to Build an FLL Robot – 8 Simple Tips” becomes my first video to reach over 100,000 views. The video was originally published on March 5, 2015, and is one of my first tutorial videos.
  • As of April 30, 2017, the LDD for the Plethora II Chassis has been downloaded 7,791 times! The LDD for the original Sirius has been downloaded 4,958 times and Sirius 1.2 has been downloaded 1,007 times. The Timmyton (5.7) has been downloaded 1,049 times. Finally, K3MOSAB3, which was first put up for download one year ago today, has 2,414 downloads.
  • June 2017: My channel reaches 9,000 subscribers!
  • July 2017: I am featured in an Expert Roundup published on Curcuito.io along with 29 other Makers. We were asked, “How do Makers contribute to the industry?” and each of us gave our own insightful responses. Read them all here!





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