Can Spinning a Motor by Hand Cause Damage? – PLUS Using Motors as Generators!

Is it bad to spin an EV3 motor by hand? Could this practice cause damage? This tutorial was prompted by a question I was asked by a few of my viewers, but also by my experience mentoring a middle school robotics team. Spinning motors by hand is not always harmful; if done responsibly, it can even be a useful tactic for an FLL robot!

I also discuss using the EV3 motors as generators. If you connect two EV3 motors together directly using a cable, you can cause one to move by manually spinning the other. This is because motors can also act as generators. DamonMM2000 was the first to put this effect to use in his creation “Gen3rator.” I relate this effect to the real world by discussing its application in hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius.

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