PiStorms Update – Blocky Interface

Version 4.007 of the PiStorms software is now out! With it comes a Blocky interface, which allows you to program your PiStorms using a graphical programming language called “Blocky.” This is great for those who are new to programming, or find the text-based Python language intimidating/hard to understand. Those who have used Scratch in the past will be familiar with Blocky. Below is a screenshot of programming the PiStorms using Blocky, through the PiStorms web interface.


The graphical nature of Blocky, with its drag-and-drop blocks, color coding and function library specific to the PiStorms API make programming the PiStorms a breeze. It is much more intuitive for beginners. I encourage everyone to give it a try!

Pictured below is one of the sections (motors) of the Blocky function library.