Monthly Archive: May 2015

May 28

Builderdude35 is Taking a Break! :(

I need to take a short break (4 weeks in June) to study for final exams. I will return in the first week of July. Sorry! 🙁

May 28

4 Important Tips for Wiring Your FLL Robot: FLL Robot Design Tutorial

In this EV3/FLL robot design tutorial, I will be offering tips on how to best do the wiring on your FLL robot, and give you examples of what to avoid in order not to lose points, or to avoid catastrophe. Essentially, you need to neatly coil and route the wires within your robot to avoid …

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May 21

Make an Effective Line Following Program in Under 2 Minutes: EV3 Line Following Program

In this EV3 programming tutorial, I will be walking you step-by-step on how to make an effective line following program for your EV3/ FLL robot, using two color sensors attached to the front. I will also be teaching you how to modify the line following program to optimize it for straight lines, a turn, or …

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May 14

Conquering the EV3’s VM Instruction Break Error: EV3 Programming Tutorial

In this EV3 programming tutorial, I will discuss with you the ev3 brick’s “VM Instruction Break” error. I will discuss what the VM is, one cause of the error, share two accounts of the error with you and offer some suggestions for you to try if you are currently facing this error. If you have …

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May 07

6 Important Tips for Building SumoBots: EV3 Robot Design Tutorial

In this fan-suggested EV3 robot design tutorial, I will be sharing and explaining 6 essential tips for building an EV3 SumoBot (sumo robot). They are define your strategy, build a sturdy chassis, choose the right wheels for your robot, strategically use sensors, use gadgets to give you an upper hand and finally use quality programming …

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