Monthly Archive: April 2015

Apr 30

Remotely Contol One EV3 with Another Via Bluetooth: EV3 Programming Tutorial

  This EV3 programming tutorial aims to teach you how to program your EV3 to use it as a remote to control another EV3 via Bluetooth. I walk you step-by-step through the process of programming both Tank and Car RC, making both transmitter and receiver programs for both. Thanks for all your support! 🙂

Apr 23

Establish a Bluetooth Connention Between 2 EV3 Bricks: EV3 Programming Tutorial

In this EV3 Programming tutorial, I will be teaching you how to establish a Bluetooth connection between two EV3 bricks, so you can send messages between them. I will also show you how to set your EV3’s to auto-connect to each other at the start of a program. Thanks for watching and enjoy! 🙂

Apr 16

Strengthen Your LEGO Technic Structures W/ Pythagorean Theorem and Trusses: EV3 Robot Design

  In this EV3 robot design tutorial, I will be teaching you about a method for strengthening your Technic constructions: by using trusses. Trusses are much sturdier than rectangles, which can be beneficial in FLL. Trusses can be difficult to build, as sometimes pieces bend or weird angles are formed. To counter this, you can …

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Apr 09

Build the Best Caster Wheels for your FLL Robot: EV3 Robot Design

In this EV3 robot design tutorial, I will be teaching you about making optimal caster wheels for your FLL robot. In this video, I will cover what caster wheels are, what the four constraints caster wheels must fulfill for FLL use are and I will provide sample four caster wheel designs. Thanks for your time, …

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Apr 02

EV3 Robot Design: Worm Gears

In this EV3 robot design tutorial, I am going to teach you all about worm gears: what they are, what they do, how they work, why to use them, how to build them, how to implement them into a dog gear system and in general, how and when to use them in an FLL robot. …

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