Autocompressor (2013)


See a video of the Autocompressor here:

Hello! I present to you the Autocompressor! This is actually technology I developed while building my current project, which is soon to be released. This was such an amazing breakthrough for me, I just had to share it with you!!! It is a pneumatic compressor that can pump air and change the direction of the attached actuators with just a single Power Functions motor! The motor spins the pump on a 1:1 ratio. At the same time, the pneumatic valve can either extend or contract its connected actuators [yellow cylinders]. It is able to flip between these two modes whenever the motor changes direction. The white gear driving the valve switch is a slipper gear, which ensures that the motor doesn’t stall itself when the valve locks into its right or leftmost position. So, in summary, changing the direction of the motor’s rotation will control whether or not the yellow actuator extends or contracts. Regardless of valve direction, the compressor can still pump alongside the valve switching device. Remember, this is all with one motor. This is certainly technology I’ll try to bring to FLL. I hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for reading!

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